External Awnings Torquay

April 18, 2012

Maintenance and Care Tips

Buying your external awning is one thing. You live in Torquay, you’ve made your decision to have an awning installed so your summers are cool and winters are warm with the flick of a switch, you’ve made the right choice. It’s a brilliant investment providing the ultimate protection for your home or outdoor area.

Yet, like any investment, some simple, regular maintenance will keep it working for you. Get the maximum life out of your Torquay awning by following some simple easy care tips.

Care for your awnings Torquay


  • Clean your awnings regularly to remove dirt, bird droppings or any other stains.
  • Wash if you notice a build up of dirt. Only use cold or lukewarm water, mild soap and a brush. Consult your awning manual for specific details.


  • Regular inspection of your awning can avoid more serious problems. Check for tears and rips, rust, and brush regularly.


  • If you have an awning that needs to be stored when not in use or over winter months, clean them thoroughly. Any dirt left could result in mildew.

Keep your Torquay awnings in top working order with a quick regular check. You will reap the benefits. For more detailed information read this awnings care and maintenance article.