Choosing Warm Weather Blinds

September 12, 2012

Choosing blinds that bring the warmth and colour of Spring into your home can completely change the interior of your home. Whether you are installing blinds into a new home or are replacing tired older blinds to refresh the look of your home, make sure you research the best options available.

Spring Style and Mood

When choosing new blinds you can still have a refreshing look without sacrificing durability. Blinds are made of a range of materials such as aluminum, wood and various fabrics. Aluminum and fabrics come in a variety of colours and patterns which can make your selection easier to match your home.

White, cream and pastel variations of blue, green and yellow are perfect for giving a subtle boost to your home’s interior. Another aspect to consider is that darker blinds tend to absorb the sun’s warmth more than lighter coloured blinds do.

Wood blinds come in various woods such as cedar and can be stained to a specific darkness or lightness to match your theme. Whatever colour that you do choose, it should blend well with that of your walls and keep in mind darkness and lightness can affect the mood of the room you install it in. If you want to make the atmosphere less stark, choosing a lighter colour will make it brighter.

Types of Blinds

A great option for the warmer months is to use Roller Blinds. These give a clean, crisp appearance to a room and are easily opened and closed. They are also an efficient means of regulating the amount of sunlight coming into a room. When mixed with the right colour and fabric, roller blinds can make a room feel relaxed and attractive.

Vertical Blinds will create a new look and are the best way to control light coming in through large windows and sliding glass doors. They can be either completely opened to one side, or controlling the amount of light they let into the room. These come in various colours and fabrics to create a bright, breezy atmosphere.

For homeowners who would rather the classic beauty of Venetian Blinds, aluminium is not only long lasting and strong, but will keep its colour for a long period of time. You can adjust these to control the light or let in the full sunshine.

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