How to care for your aluminium Surf Coast plantation shutters

May 28, 2014

Acmeda_aluminium_shuttersProtect your aluminium shutters from salty-sea air build-up and corrosion by cleaning them regularly (image above: Weatherwell Elite Aluminium Shutters)

Aluminium is an incredibly hardy material – it resists rust and corrosion – yet is also more lightweight than stainless steel. This makes aluminium perfect for use outdoors, even along the Surf Coast where the salty-sea air poses a greater risk for potential rust and corrosion.

Sea salt will actually build up over time and the longer it is left to build up, the harder it will be to remove! If sea salt is left to build up on your outdoor aluminium plantation shutters it will reduce the life of your product as it will be more likely to corrode over time.

Therefore, we highly recommend you clean your plantation shutters on a regular basis using warm soapy water, a gentle cleaning cloth or sponge and always allow them to dry completely before using silicon sprays and the like.

How often you should clean your shutters depends on your proximity to the beach. If you are on the waterfront you should clean your shutters weekly or fortnightly at a minimum. If you live on the Surf Coast but not necessarily right near the beach, we recommend cleaning your aluminium plantation shutters every one to three months to ensure longevity of your product.

Please contact us if you have questions about caring for your shutters as we are more than happy to offer tips and advice!