How to care for timber shutters

November 18, 2014

Does your home in Geelong feature attractive, high-quality timber shutters? They not only look fantastic and are a practical option for window coverings, they’re also easy to keep clean and dust-free. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your product and keep them looking newer for longer.

It’s best not to use any type of chemical cleaner to remove dust from your shutters. Not only do chemical cleaners dull your timber shutters over time, they can actually damage the surface and cost you money! If your home is decked out with shutters how many cans of Mr Sheen will you need to dust and polish them?

We’ve got good news for you, the best way to clean your timber shutters is to simply use a damp – not wet or soapy – cloth to wipe over each timber slat to remove a build-up of dust and potentially dirt blown in from outside. Depending on where you live in Geelong and what your house is like will determine how often you should clean your shutters. For example if you live in a new development area where there are still blocks of land for sale and construction going on in the surrounding streets – such as Armstrong Creek and Warralily – there’s a good chance your place gets dusty and dirty easily! If you live in a quiet residential street with a well-sealed modern or renovated home, then your house probably needs dusting less often. Some people can get away with once a fortnight or month, while others find they need to dust weekly!

When you clean them simply make sure you have opened them using the manual operation or remote if they are motorised. Never try to clean them while they are shut or force them open.

If you need other components of your shutters maintained, such as the tension or motorisation, please contact us. We install and maintain shutters in Geelong and surrounding areas.