Geelong blinds with natural beauty

March 25, 2015

Followers of home décor fashion trends will be right across the lasting appeal of the natural look, particularly in soft furnishings and drapery, and Geelong blinds fashions are no exception. The popularity of the natural look might occasionally take a brief dip but it’s never long before nature’s palette returns to wield its influence on home interiors.

At Champion Blinds we’re strong advocates of the timeless appeal of the natural look. It endures as other trends come and go and rather than provoking or astounding as some styles can, it soothes, calms and comforts.

Linen is one of the loveliest materials with which to create the natural look but isn’t ideal in every situation, which is why many of the Geelong blinds we’re installing are a linen-look fabric.

These linen-look blinds have the beauty, warmth and natural appeal of linen but are hardier, easier to clean and have features to resist fading, retain internal temperatures and block the summer sun.

And while they’re linen-look, unless you know the difference it’s hard to distinguish between linen and the more robust and versatile alternative.

If you’re a fan of the natural look – and who isn’t? – Champion Blinds has a variety of blind options which encapsulate the beauty and style of nature and makes its subtle splendour part of your home.

Remember, those over-the-top, look-of-the minute colours that catch your eye on TV makeover shows might look good today and maybe even tomorrow, but what about next week, next month or next year? Gaudy rarely endures but natural beauty is ever-lasting.

If you’d like to know more about the linen-look or any of our Geelong blinds installations, or if you’d like a measure and quote, then make sure you contact us because we’re always happy to help.