Folding arm awnings – a Surf Coast shade solution

October 29, 2015

If you want instant protection from the sun for your Surf Coast home, then quality folding arm awnings will deliver in style and substance.

This clever form of awning is winning hearts and minds across our wide, warm country as people discover the benefits it brings to their houses and their outdoor entertaining spaces.

When extended out horizontally from an external wall, the awnings provide welcome shade to patios, courtyards, balconies and windows. But then it’s a simple matter to retract them back into a tidy slim-line cassette. It’s such a clean, unobtrusive and space-saving solution. There’s no need for posts or frames. There’s no clutter. And that means there’s absolutely no structural impediment to how you arrange your outdoor furniture for entertaining.

At Champion Blinds, we believe the folding arm awning is a versatile, cost-effective performer that can suit a range of situations from cafes and restaurants to homes of any style. We love the design and quality of Acmeda’s products and have installed them for happy customers across the region.

While the Surf Coast gets to drink up the summer sun, it can also experience strong coastal wind. That’s when Acmeda comes up trumps, with its awnings carefully crafted using durable fabric and quality mechanical components to withstand robust wind and harsh weather. They are extremely easy to use and motorised, meaning there’s no effort involved in extending them or hiding them away.

Because these awnings come in a wide range of colours including white, grey and beige, it’s no problem to find a hue that will complement your house.

For folding arm awnings Surf Coast people will love, please contact us at Champion Blinds. We know they’re a great product and we’re happy to supply and install them for you.