Rollease Acmeda’s Automate Reactive Technology (A.R.T) hits the Surf Coast

December 4, 2015

External awning technology reaches new heights

Champion Blinds is pleased to introduce a new and exciting precision technology to the Surf Coast, brought to you by one of our major blind manufacturers and suppliers, Rollease Acmeda.

You will be familiar with the Acmeda brand and perhaps wondering what Rollease Acmeda is. Rollease Acemeda is an amalgamation of formerly separate entities RollEase, Inc. and Acmeda Pty Ltd. The two powerhouses joined forces in 2014 and now brings you the new Automate Reactive Technology (A.R.T) – automated wind and light sensors for your external awnings!

The sensors are wireless and powered by solar energy. The sensor will open the awning automatically when the sun is out and retract it for you at night-time when it’s dark. The sensor will also automatically retract the awning in high winds, so there’s no need to stress if you’re at work and left the awning open in harsh weather!

And if you’re worried that your awning will have a mind of its own, opening or closing when  you really don’t want it to, don’t worry because the light function can be deactivated. The wind sensor is ideal to prolong the life of your product, sensing when winds have the potential to damage your external awning.

If you’re interested in learning more about A.R.T sensors by Rollease Acmeda for your Surf Coast home, please contact Champion Blinds.