Awnings protect Geelong homes from winter weather

April 29, 2016

There’s a chill in the air that’s telling us winter is approaching. We want our homes to be warm and snug – and awnings from Champion Blinds can play a part in achieving that goal.

So don’t leave it too late – turn to us now for supply and installation of awnings Geelong people trust. Get started before the worst of the cold weather hits so you can reap the energy-saving benefits these products can bring.

These trusty external window treatments allow real flexibility in winter. Firstly, you can raise them to make the most of any winter sun, using solar energy to add warmth to your home. But when they’re lowered they’ll work to retain heat inside your home, meaning you won’t lose as much energy through glass expanses. This, in turn, can keep your winter heating costs down, which is great for your budget.

When people think of awnings, their minds often return to the clunky canvas options of previous decades. You know, the ones that were low on aesthetic value and high on annoyance when you tried to retract them. Thankfully things have changed immensely. Today’s awnings are technological masterpieces, which pull together function and style in a tidy package. They come in a range of colours and forms including straight drop, can withstand rain, hail, wind and hot sun while adding a quality accent to your home.

At Champion Blinds, we believe excellent products are the way to go. That’s why we concentrate on brands such as Zipcreen, which provide sophisticated, sleek awnings for Aussie households. These awnings feature smart track systems, making it easy to open and close in a hurry. And because they fit close to your window, heat loss in winter is reduced.

When many people think of awnings, they think of summer heat protection. But the benefits are definitely there in winter too, with awnings helping trap that precious heat in homes. If you would like more information on awnings in Geelong, please contact us at Champion Blinds.