Choose colourful shutters at your Geelong home to set the mood

May 31, 2016

When it comes to window treatments, shutters are one of the most adaptable additions you can make to your Geelong home.

They tick so many boxes and can change the feel of interiors instantaneously. While the classic white plantation shutter will rightly never go out of fashion, homeowners can now draw on a real palette of colours to add mood to their current décor. You might prefer the clean, stylish look of white, or perhaps you’re drawn to a punch of colour such as red or green or the sophistication of charcoal. The right colour choice can transform a room and a home.

When it comes to shutters Geelong people just can’t get enough of these great products. And no wonder – they have many advantages, including:

  • They look great, adding style to your home with their clean lines.
  • You can match them to almost any décor and their colour range is impressive.
  • They allow you to adjust light flow into a room with a simple tilt of the louvre blades.
  • They provide privacy from the outside world, while still allowing light and air flow.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • And they’re durable.

Shutters are also popular in Geelong because of their amazing versatility. You can use them for interiors and exteriors, with aluminium plantation shutters for outside use capable of withstanding harsh external elements including rain, hail, sun and, in coastal areas, salt spray. External shutters also come in different colours including traditional white and contemporary grey.

They have so many applications if you let your creative side run riot. Shutters make practical and attractive internal room dividers and work equally well as walls for your outdoor entertaining area.

So when you are considering window treatments, either internal or external, shutters might be just the solution for your Geelong home. Please contact us at Champion Blinds for more information or for a free quote.