Shutters add luxury touch to Geelong homes

October 27, 2016

For many households in Geelong, shutters are a stylish selection for interior window dressings. But when you combine the classic shutter with clever technology, you can add ‘smart’ to the line-up too.

At Champion Blinds, our shutters are available with remote-controlled motorised tilt. With the press of a button, you are in control of their movement without leaving the couch.

The technology puts you firmly in the driver’s seat, whether you’re sitting in an armchair or on the settee. You are in charge. Perhaps you’d like the north-facing room to be bathed in spring sunlight? Or do you want it darkened for more effective TV viewing and a cosy atmosphere? Would a darker bedroom make daytime sleeping more achievable?

Whatever your choice, just dance your fingers over the remote control device and watch the shutters obey, changing the louvre tilt to the perfect position for you.

While the handy motorised tilt system is a luxurious touch, it’s just part of the general appeal that comes with owning plantation shutters. These ever-popular shutters are timeless – especially in crisp, classic white. But they are also making a statement in a range of other colours too, such as contemporary charcoal.

The aesthetic appeal of shutters often overshadows their practical nature. But it doesn’t take long before you realise your Geelong shutters are excellent at adding privacy to your room, let you easily control the light and air flow and help you to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Add the remote-controlled motorised tilt system to the mix, and the convenience rating climbs and probably so does your home’s value.

If you’re after smart Geelong shutters for your home, then please contact us at Champion Blinds for more information.