TWO USA’s quality aluminium plantation shutters for Geelong clients

December 27, 2018

At Champion Blinds, we have a passion for quality products that combine practicality with aesthetics to improve people’s lifestyles.

And supplier The Window Outfitters fits the bill. TWO USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of shutters that are perfect for homes and businesses across the region, from the coast to inland.

For people across Geelong aluminium plantation shutters from the TWO stable will enhance the look of their property, perform to a high standard and can also deliver safety benefits too.

With shutters including Weatherwell Standard and Elite in their range, you get a durable window treatment that can withstand harsh weather, last for a long time and still receive a big tick when it comes to a classic, clean appearance. You can also lock the Elite shutter blades and the entire shutter firmly in place, which is a real security bonus.

Our experienced team just loves a good window shutter – and TWO USA won’t let its customers down. The company, which has a strong R&D department, builds its shutters strong from the thickness of the aluminium to the two-pack poly paint it uses.

The paint – two pack polyurethane – is extremely durable and resistant to temperature changes, stains and excess moisture. When it comes to homes across the region including Geelong aluminium plantation shutters painted with this coating system will hold their gloss and colour well if they receive the correct maintenance from homeowners.

When you live in a coastal environment, the salty sea air is a corrosive element that takes a toll on home exteriors. That’s why aluminium is such a good choice for plantation shutter selection. You get the benefit of rust resistance rolled together with the classic look of a plantation shutter that is still a winner in the style stakes.

For clients in Geelong aluminium plantation shutters are a top choice when it comes to window treatments. Contact the Champion Blinds team for information about aluminium shutters including TWO USA’s range.