Roller blinds in Geelong for a cool summer

November 19, 2019

When it comes roller blinds Geelong households will get more than a hit of style by selecting this popular window treatment.

In fact, roller blinds can be a strong element in the annual summer fight to keep homes cool as the temperatures climb.

Block-out roller blinds in Geelong provide a great barrier to heat wanting to penetrate into rooms. And because they are easy to use, you can select just how much sunlight you want in your home by simply adjusting the height of your blind. Do you want it completely closed, right down to the window sill, to keep out all the sun? Or do you want it half open, to let in some light? Maybe you want multiple blinds across one window, so you can vary their opening height?

Whatever your choice, interior roller blinds are a stylish, practical and durable option. The fact that they’re cost-effective is another big plus.

These simple, elegant blinds work extremely well in modern homes. And while blockout roller blinds are popular, their sheer counterparts are another great option. Sheer blinds provide much appreciated privacy while still allowing sunshine to filter in.

It’s also worth asking our experienced team at Champion Blinds about ways to run a dual system of sheer and blockout blinds for your windows.

For quality roller blinds Geelong people can rely on Champion Blinds for a great range of products and high-standard installation. Please contact us for more information today.