Ballauff Woven Timber Blinds

December 9, 2009

Another great product from the Peter Meyer Blinds range is the Ballauff Woven Timber Blinds. Champion Blinds have the complete range available to customers in Torquay, Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast. With a range of styles to choose from in the Ballauff Woven Timber Blinds including romans, curtain, panel glides and wintergardens there is a style to complement any decor. Timber is one of nature’s best insulators so timber blinds are a great option for reducing your energy consumption and your heating costs.

The Ballauff Woven Timber Blinds have13 weave alternatives (5 Natural [Beech], 4 Mocha [Mahog], 2 Le Washe, 1 Stain, 1 Painted [dark grey]) with varying UV protection depending on the openness of the weave. Five of the weaves are designed to give complete privacy, all others give daytime privacy while allowing you to see out and complete nightime privacy.

Phone and talk to your Campion Blinds representative and ask him about the Peter Meyer Ballauff Woven Timber Blinds.