Screen blinds, Torquay and Geelong

Screen blinds are an understated option to add privacy to your home or business, while pleasantly filtering sunlight. Screen blinds are essentially the same thing as roller blinds but are sheer rather than block-out. Champion Blinds provides installation of sheer screen blinds across Torquay, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Just because they’re sheer doesn’t mean they’re insipid! Screen blinds come in a range of lovely colours, such as slate grey, white, beige and more. There are textured options too for something a bit different. Screens can be combined with block-out blinds as well, so you can enjoy all three options: full light, filtered light or no light!

We can measure and custom-make these blinds to fit your windows or we can discuss other design options such as installing multiple blinds in a window so you can stagger the open heights or decide which ones you open or close. This works particularly well for wide windows, but can also look fantastic in regular-sized ones too, depending on which room the window is in and what shape it is. We’ll discuss all this and more when we visit your home or business for a measure and quote.

Are you looking for the block-out option? See our gallery of roller blinds in Geelong and Torquay for inspiration.

  • Grey modern couch with background of screen blinds installed in Torquay and Geelong.
  • Screen blinds over sliding door in Geelong home.
  • Modern Geelong apartment with white screen blinds.
  • Home office with white screen blinds installed in Torquay.
  • Bedroom with modern wall hanging between windows with black screen blinds.
  • Armchair in front of corner windows covered by screen blinds in Torquay.