Recreate the Balinese Look with Timber Shutters

July 19, 2011

Even though I was on a recent family holiday in Bali I, of course, was looking at the window furnishings! Most commonly used seem to be wooden shutters. The natural timber looks sensational with matching timber furnishings and contrasting white tiling, cushions, couches and bed linen. The shutters not only look great but they do a great job at keeping the room temperature down and blocking out natural light.

Being able to angle the shutters also means you can control the amount of light throughout the day. Many of the shutters had sheer white curtains on the inside, these also allow natural light to filter in when the shutters are open and soften the look around the window.

While you may not be able to bring the climate, the people or the amazing culture of Bali home to Torquay or Geelong, you can certainly recreate the Balinese style in your interior design and timber shutters are a fine start!

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