Geelong Venetian Blinds – a Piece of History

May 18, 2012

Venetian blinds have come a long way since the two inch wide metal blinds of the 50s and even further than the first blinds the Egyptians strung together with reeds from the Nile or the ancient Chinese made with bamboo. The history of a blind may seem a bit obscure, yet it is from the basic human needs of warmth and privacy that window blinds emerged – one that remains today.

It was the Persians who first brought blinds to Europe and merchants on trading ships introduced the eastern art to the Italian city of Venice. The Venetian influence soon saw window blinds spreading rapidly throughout Europe – a fairly basic blind that was raised and lowered with a string connected to a series of slats. This is the style of window blind still commonly used today known as Venetian Blinds.

And now in the 21st Century, we have venetian blinds Geelong. A blind that gives you control over how much light you want in a room and how much privacy you have. It is a blind that is notoriously low maintenance, that is versatile, easy to install and, in true Venetian style, thoroughly modern and design wise.

So when you are selecting your stylish, functional Venetian Blind you are inadvertently selecting a piece of history.