The French Elegance of Shutters – Now In Geelong

November 21, 2012

Last time we blogged we told you about one of our favourite ways of covering windows in style – plantation shutters! We touched on the background of this shutter style and briefly mentioned their history of originating from eighteenth century plantation houses. They were a versatile way of both protecting and opening up houses in balmy and likely unpredictable weather conditions. Yet, the beauty and high function of this simple design deserves a bit more airspace, we think!

Anyone who’s been to Paris – or seen Amelie, Midnight in Paris or even Ratotouille – will have seen these unique window shutters prominently displayed on window apartments. Classy, glamourous and often dotted with flower pots, these shutters have long been a part of French decor trends.

For those who prefer bold contemporary design, one idea to give white shutters a different look would be to place a funky black chandelier and black couch nearby for a different take on an inner city townhouse look. Or you could match the look with white or creamy colours to create an airy space. Or perhaps it’s the idea of soaking in a bath with the convenience and privacy of shutters in your bathroom which draws you in! As well as a pleasing aesthetic, the great thing about these blinds are their absolute versatility.

When it comes to having these stylish blinds in your house, the good news is this –  you don’t need to travel across the globe to get your fix. Here at Champion Blinds we have Geelong shutters – as well as a full range of other fantastic products!