Why choose Somfy?

March 12, 2014

The power of comfort and control

Somfy is one of our very trusted supplier brands. Somfy make motorised solutions for roller shutters, external awnings, external blinds, internal blinds, curtains and more.

If the sun is shining you can open your motorised blinds at the touch of a button, if you need privacy they can go down again in an instant. Watching a movie and struggling with the reflection of natural light? You don’t even have to move! Have your Somfy remote on hand to control the light coming in from your windows.

There are so many fantastic reasons to love Somfy, here are a few more:

  • Safety: Somfy motors are compliant with European and French safety standards.
  • Warranty: Somfy offers a 5-year* warranty on all Somfy motors**, electronic controls and mechanical accessories.
  • Innovation: Somfy research centres employs over 400 engineers and technicians and holds over 280 patents.
  • Design: The remote controls are ultra-user-friendly making it easy to control all applications with absolute ease.
  • Accessibility: More than 25,000 installers have been approved by Somfy world-wide making it easy to find a retailer to power your curtains and blinds with a Somfy motor.

*Only for all applications approved by Somfy.
**All product brands except IRISMO, LSN, SOLO RT, which are offered a 3-year warranty.

Read more about why you should choose Somfy motors on the Somfy website.

Please contact us for Somfy motorised blinds. We service the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Geelong.