Awnings Geelong

April 28, 2015 Awnings Geelong

Acmeda are the manufacturers and suppliers Champion Blinds rely on for exceptional hardware systems in the window furnishing market. Many of our clients have houses in coastal areas, where exposure to the elements and high winds can cause havoc with the outdoor features on their homes, especially blinds and awnings. When it comes to the top-of-the-range outdoor awnings, we highly recommend Acmeda awnings.

Acmeda awnings offer state-of-the-art performance. Their fully enclosed round and square cassette awning systems provide the ultimate fabric protection for the blind when it is not in use, in addition to an attractive presentation. An automated motor automatically adjust to ensure a perfectly closed cassette each and every time.

In terms of coverage, Acmeda’s SHAN awnings definitely have you covered! The awning can achieve up to 40 square metres of coverage for your outdoor entertaining area. You’ll have shade just where you need it!

Another fabulous feature is the ability to maintain the awnings without needing to uninstall the awning. An additional gasket provides protection against and prevention of water damage. Stainless steel fixings, die cast steel brackets and supports all contribute to make these awnings perfectly suited to life in the outdoors. In addition, the SHAN awning from Acmeda has been independently certified to withstand winds up to 50 km per hour for maximum strength.

Champion Blinds have a commitment to providing only the very best to our customers. With the award-winning SHAN awning we continue to meet that commitment.

Champion Blinds have an extensive range of blinds and awnings Geelong home-owners will fall in love with, so visit our showrooms and see what catches your eye.