Interior motorised blinds for Geelong homes

May 29, 2015

Try z-LOCK for total blackout

All you shift workers and home-cinema enthusiasts out there, rejoice. Our new z-LOCK roller blind system, the latest in our range of interior motorised blinds in Geelong, can bring you complete darkness within your room with the press of a button.

So no more wasting valuable time tossing and turning in bed after night shift because the sun’s seeping into your room. Installing z-LOCK blinds will help you get quality, deep sleep in a blackout environment. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go when you wake up thanks, in part, to this sophisticated blind technology.

At Champion Blinds, we know blinds backwards. And we know this z-LOCK system will meet a big need across the country. It’s clean, stylish, durable and very effective at blocking out light. It’s also a winner when it comes to temperature control.

The motorised blinds use zip-lock inside channels to hold the blind fabric tight across the window. When you combine appropriate blind material with these side channels, an enclosed head box and a sealed strip located on a weight bar at the bottom, the end result is total interior window covering from every edge. And that means blackout – a dark environment with no light coming into the room from the window.

These blinds are great news for households across Geelong that are striving for a darker environment across large windows or small.  For young children battling to sleep when it’s light, they’ll work better than a lullaby.

And for movie buffs, they will take your home cinema to a whole new level. You’ve got the big screen, the comfortable chairs, the sound system and the popcorn. Now you can have the interior blinds, to deliver total darkness any time of the day.

If you are after a blackout environment at your residence, contact us at Champion Blinds to discuss how installing these interior motorised blinds in your Geelong home can brighten your life by darkening your room.