Awnings dress up Geelong businesses for summer

September 21, 2016

Do you remember those daggy awnings that linger in childhood memories from decades gone by? Well today’s awnings have moved right to the other end of the style scale and are now adding charm and character to Geelong homes.

But awnings in Geelong offer much more than mere good looks. The aesthetics are just the tip of the iceberg. These practical window dressings, which are a great option for alfresco areas, provide year-round weather protection and can prevent warmth escaping from your home in winter while keeping it cool in summer. And they’re built tough to withstand the harsh hand that weather often throws at us including hail, rain and blistering sun.

Whether you choose a style that sits nearly flush to your window, such as Zipscreen’s great offerings, a more traditional style or even one that folds out horizontally to provide welcome protection over entertaining areas, you won’t be disappointed with the benefits they bring to your lifestyle this summer.

If you’ve got a great outdoor setting on your deck or alfresco area that you want to be able to use every month of the year but need a way to protect people from the elements, then quality awnings might be just the answer. Their splendid design means they’re easy to use, they can come with manual or motorised mechanisms, they can span many metres and their varied colour range means there’s sure to be a tone that will fit the flavour of your home.

When it comes to awnings Geelong people have turned to our experienced team at Champion Blinds for years for advice and great products. We’re happy to help you work through your options until you find the awning that suits your lifestyle, residence and budget so you can enjoy summer living and every other season that follows.

If you would like more information about awnings in Geelong please don’t hesitate to contact us at Champion Blinds.