Top tips for cleaning window shutters and blinds across Geelong region this spring

September 24, 2017

Shutters and blinds add so much appeal to homes across Geelong region, so it pays to keep them looking fresh and bright this spring.

Whether you’ve got classic white plantation shutters gracing your castle or practical neutral blinds throughout the house, a bit of regular care and attention is all it takes to maintain these trusty window dressings.

And “regular” is the key when it comes to preventing a build up of dust or, in the case of kitchens and bathrooms, grease and air-borne products on your shutters and blinds.

At Champion Blinds we’re often asked about the best way to care for window coverings. Our top tips for cleaning and maintaining your Geelong shutters and blinds include –

  • Making sure you match the material they’re made from with the right cleaning approach. For example, if you are tackling fabric blinds, spot cleaning is the best way to go rather than an all-out assault with soap and water.
  • Starting the process with the trusty vacuum cleaner, with soft brush attachment in place. Once you’ve sucked away as much surface dust as possible, use a soft dusting cloth to thoroughly clean between the individual slats and louvres for a complete dust overhaul.
  • Dampening a cloth with a little water or a recommended cleaning product is a good approach when it comes to stain removal.
  • Remembering that plantation shutters and blinds in varying locations across the house can attract different kinds of dust and debris, making flexibility in cleaning methods important. For example, window dressings in kitchen and dining areas are likely to attract grease and food stains while blinds in kids playrooms may be a magnet for sticky little fingers. In bathrooms, hairspray-happy family members can take a toll on shutters in moisture-rich environments.
  • And setting a regular cleaning schedule for your window treatments. You might find that shutters and blinds in bathrooms, kitchens and playrooms need a good clean once a week, while their counterparts in bedrooms and lounges require a less frequent clean.

At Champion Blinds, we reckon another great cleaning tip is to ask for expert advice when needed. If you are unsure of the best cleaning approach for your Geelong shutters or the blinds on your coastal property, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly specialists for help.