Geelong plantation shutters stand strong

June 30, 2018

Do plantation shutters rust outside?

It’s a good question, especially for clients wanting to install these classic shutters on patios and other outdoor areas of Geelong and Surf Coast homes.

After all, who wants to invest good money in shutters if they’re not going to last for long in harsh conditions.

We all know that when the wrong materials are exposed to the elements, they can rust or corrode and end up looking a shadow of their original form. Add corrosive sea air to the environmental mix and it’s clear you need a tough performer to do the job.

Luckily the team at Champion Blinds have a solution to the dilemma. And that answer is aluminium plantation shutters.

When it comes to aluminium shutters Geelong clients and those further afield will be impressed by the benefits they bring to external applications.

First up, they are tough.  Aluminium shutters are fantastic for outside areas because they are built to withstand rapidly changing weather. From rain, to strong wind, blazing sun and hail, our shutters will stand strong.

Another major benefit is aluminium’s great performance in salt-air environments. Rust resistant and durable, aluminium shutters in Geelong won’t let you down and will last for years.

Throw in their classic look, which comes in a range of colours including grey, and you’ve got a stylish addition to your patio or outdoor entertaining area. While they look great, they are also a practical choice because they deliver on privacy, light and insulation fronts too.

The love affair with plantation shutters has been going on for years and is showing no sign of wearing off. There’s a good reason why they are still a popular choice in homes across the nation and that’s because they tick all the boxes when it comes to aesthetics, function and practicality. They just work so well outside and inside homes.

So, if you want to add privacy to your patio, weather proof your poolside entertaining area or simply make a style statement, turn to aluminium shutters in Geelong and the Surf Coast for a great result. Please contact us at Champion Blinds for more information.