Shutter selection tips for Geelong properties

September 23, 2018

When it comes to selecting the best exterior shutters for your Geelong home or business, what should you look for?

Do aesthetics take top billing or are function and durability the main factors to consider?

At Champion Blinds, we know our aluminium plantation shutters give Geelong clients a number of choices when it comes to lighting, design and colour. Our experienced team is happy to help home and business owners work through the options on offer to find the perfect solution to their needs and budget.

We urge people to –

  • Consider the design and colour palette of their home when selecting from our quality range of exterior shutters.
  • Embrace the versatility of shutters. They make it so simple to adjust the amount of natural light you want to enter your residence or business.
  • Make sure they select the best material for their shutters. Aluminium is a great choice in corrosive environments, such as coastal communities with salty sea air. Aluminium shutters also stand strong in a range of weather conditions including harsh sun, rain and wind.
  • Know what they want their shutters to achieve. Do you want your external shutters for safety reasons or as protection from extreme temperatures? Are they purely to lift the look of your home or business? Or do you plan to use them to section off your patio or outdoor area?

When it comes to shutters Geelong people know they have versatile performers on their hands. It’s that versatility, coupled with their toughness and style, that makes external aluminium plantation shutters such a popular choice right around the nation.

Whether you go for a crisp white design to tie in with your home’s window trim or a bold statement colour for your business, our timeless shutters won’t let you down. Shutters have been popular for decades for a good reason, and they are showing no sign of going out of fashion.

For great shutters Geelong people know who to trust when it comes to advice, supply and installation. That’s us – Champion Blinds. Please contact us for more information or to inspect our range of external shutters.