Folding arm awnings, Torquay and Geelong

Folding arm awnings are among the sleekest, most-innovative options if you are seeking shade for your home and outdoor entertaining areas. The beauty of these awnings is that they can be installed to extend outwards horizontally, providing shade for your windows and outdoor entertaining area. Think of the folding arm awnings like an alternative to a pergola roof, and one that can retract when not in use. Champion Blinds installs the trusted brand of Acmeda folding arm awnings in Torquay and Geelong, for residential and commercial clients.

Acmeda is a well-known brand synonymous with superior quality and innovation. The physical elements are designed to withstand strong winds and weather, while the aesthetic elements are designed to be minimal and pleasing on the eye. The durable fabrics come in a variety of colours such as beige, red, green, white, grey and more.

When you want to retract your awning, the arms fold inwards and the awning will literally disappear into its inconspicuous capsule. We will install the awning for maximum shade protection so you can enjoy the benefits of this superior product. Folding arm awnings are motorised for your ultimate convenience.

We also install straight-arm Zipscreen awnings in Geelong and Torquay.