Custom painted shutters in Geelong

April 15, 2014

Shutters are sleek, classic, practical, and we think, a rather beautiful addition to any home. Whether you want them stained, painted classic white, a modern slate grey, or any other colour of your choice, we can paint our timber plantation shutters to complement the existing décor of your home.

We happily paint our shutters for clients in Geelong and surrounding regions. Our shutters are hand crafted from high quality timber, never PVC or MDF, allowing you the freedom to choose any colour you like.

Whilst white shutters are classic and will never date, we are seeing more people be adventurous with their colour choices. Here are just a few ideas for colour and style inspiration:

  • If you have a relatively neutral kitchen or lounge room, red shutters make a striking feature. Place a red appliance, water jug or vase on the bench, or a red cushion on the couch to tie it all in. Red shutters will be a main feature, so you really  don’t need to over style anything else! One small accent of red will be enough of a reference. Even a painting with a touch of red in it will be enough of a reference to your main feature.
  • If you have a very classic, all-white house, sky blue shutters will inject some fresh interest into your home, but won’t easily date as this is a classic colour combination. Alternatively, we have seen light blue or blue-grey houses with navy/midnight coloured shutters, which is very stylish yet bold at the same time.
  • A current trend is a white house with slate grey guttering, rooftops and window sills. Why not have your shutters painted slate grey for a modern take on a classic look? We love the fresh combination of a crisp white home with accents of grey.

Interested in finding out more about how we can paint your shutters in Geelong? Contact us for more information.